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  • ABC's of CDA's (Confidentiality Agreements)

    Wake Forest CTSI

    Sharing of confidential or proprietary information is a key function in the pursuit of research. Confidentiality Agreements, or CDA's, are contracts used to manage the sharing of information. Without a CDA, third parties can use or share information without any restriction.

  • About the Human Research Oversight & Outreach Program

    Wake Forest CTSI

    This video provides an overview of the Human Oversight & Outreach program and the services that are provided to assist in research study monitoring.

  • Advanced PubMed Tips for Researchers

    CTSA Consortium Member

    This online course from the University of Washington explains how researchers can make their PubMed searches more efficient and effective. Access the course video and handouts on the University of Washington website.

  • An Introduction to Clinical Informatics: Data Acquisition, Analyses, and Applications

    Wake Forest CTSI

    This course will introduce participants to the core content of clinical informatics and encourage ongoing learning in this rapidly evolving field. Content will include ethical issues in EHR research, risk prediction models and decision science, mobile health, and the application of Clinical Decision Support tools, as well as several computer labs covering the use of Tableau, i2b2, Web services and APIs, and R software. The course will be led by Dr. Brian Wells, a board-certified clinical informatician, and will include lectures and labs from other professionals actively involved in clinical informatics-related work at Wake Forest. 

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Awards

    Wake Forest CTSI

    This workshop will include a discussion of award elements, such as terms and conditions, fiscal responsibility, restrictions and exclusions, and responsible parties and deliverables. The workshop will include case studies and discussions of actual awards so participants can review and dissect award language and terms. Special situations, such as transferring awards and international awards will also be discussed.

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For Research Administrators

The Research Administrators meeting provides updates, tips and tricks, and other relevant information. View past presentations.

Be an Academy Scholar

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute is pleased to announce the KL2 Mentored Career Development Award. Chosen scholars will join the Translational Research Academy.