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Post-Award Process 

When an Award is Received...

If a proposal has been routed through OSP, a chartfield is established in PeopleSoft as quickly as possible, typically within 5 business days of receiving the complete information. If you want to set up a pre-award account to facilitate the process, please reference the Pre-Award account policies below to determine the appropriateness of a Pre-Award account.

  • Requesting Pre-Award Accounts on New Award
  • Requesting Pre-Award Accounts on Subaward Continuations

A Pre-Award account is set up once the pre-award account approval form has been processed and reviewed by the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Avoid Delays

  • Be sure you've routed a proposal through the Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • If you receive the award notice from the sponsor, forward it to the Office of Sponsored Programs for processing
  • Be sure to submit revised budgets that match the award notice to the Office of Sponsored Programs in a timely fashion

Proposals to external sponsors that are not routed to OSP through the Huron Research Suite system prior to sponsor award issuance will experience delays in processing and award setup. If appropriate approvals are not obtained prior to the receipt of an award, the institution is not contractually bound to accept an award on behalf of the PI. In all instances, when routing is not completed prior to issuance and receipt of an award, review and acceptance consideration will not be given priority over others in the queue that have followed institutionally defined processes.

Prior Approvals

All requests requiring prior approval by the Sponsor require review and approval by Pre-Award Office of Sponsored Programs before submission to external sponsors. These include but are not limited to, reduction in effort 25% or greater, change or absentee of PI, and changes in scope.  For details on that process please visit the Pre-Award webpage.

Signature of Acceptance

Once an award that needs a signature of acceptance is received by the Office of Sponsored Programs any terms and conditions associated with the award are reviewed. A revised budget may be requested in the process, if the awarded budget is different from the original proposal. Once the award is signed, the original is returned to the sponsor. The department is notified when the chartfield has been established in PeopleSoft.