Our Mission:

  • Provide the highest quality of veterinary medical care, husbandry, enrichment and professional technical support to enable excellence in biomedical research at Wake Forest University
  • Promote a culture of respect and compassion for all laboratory animals used in research
  • Train comparative veterinary specialists and advance lab animal sciences through innovative research
  • Foster an environment of inclusion and diversity in our department and with our partners

 We Are...

Three integrated groups dedicated to promoting excellence in animal-based research:

  • Husbandry and Animal Facility Services,
  • Veterinary Care &
  • Diagnostic Pathology Services and Business Administration

 We Serve...

  • The animals by delivering compassionate and humane care
  • The research community by providing the infrastructure and expertise required to support good and sound animal-based research
  • Our institution by providing a fiscally responsible animal care and use program 
  • The general public by ensuring animal well-being and regulatory compliance while facilitating advancement of knowledge in human and animal health