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Research Centers at Wake Forest

Research Centers are organizational units focused on promoting and expanding interest and collaboration in a research area across the institution through push, pull, and partnering opportunities.

Center: A multi-mission organizational unit or collection of units focused on patient care, research and/or teaching/education.

Institutionally Supported Research Center: An interdepartmental organization unit focused predominantly on translational, clinical and/or basic science research which facilitates development of a common, focused research agenda aligned with strategic priorities, coordinating contributions from multiple disciplines (other centers, divisions/departments, and programs). These centers receive institutional support, determined by a faculty peer-reviewed application process. RFAs for the Center Application process are posted under the Funding Opportunities section when they become available. Next submission date will be January 2016 for funding starting in fiscal year 2017.

There are hundreds of centers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, focused on clinical, education, and research. The primary centers identified here are the Institutional Supported Research Centers, and other research centers.

Institutionally Supported Research Centers

Cardiovascular Sciences Center

Debra Diz, PhD | 336-716-2150 | ddiz@wakehealth.edu
David Herrington, MD | 336-716-4147 | dherring@wakehealth.edu
Business Representative: Sarah Smith | 336-716-1106 | sasmith@wakehealth.edu 

The mission of the Center is to effectively facilitate research, education, and clinical management of hypertension and vascular disease. The Center generates visibility for investigations into hypertension/cardiovascular sciences and creates a nexus of activities to foster innovation and new discovery in this field.

Center for Biomedical Informatics

Director: Metin N. Gurcan, PhD | 336-716-5422 | mgurcan@wakehealth.edu
Business Representative: Rachel Woodside | 336-716-5076rwoodsid@wakehealth.edu

The Center for Biomedical Informatics is a newly established center at Wake Forest to strengthen the institution’s research, education, and clinical missions related to biomedical informatics. This cross-disciplinary initiative is designed to integrate and boost biomedical informatics resources at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, and Wake Forest University and complement the work of other research centers, including the Wake Forest Clinical and Translational Science Institute.

Center on Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism

Director: Donald A. McClain, MD, PhD | dmcclain@wakehealth.edu
Business Representative: Rachel Woodside | 336-716-5076 | rwoodsid@wakehealth.edu

The Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center on Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism (CDOM) was launched in 2015 with the purpose of promoting basic, clinical and translational research and multi-disciplinary collaboration in the field of metabolism. The mission of the Center is to facilitate cross-campus, inter-departmental and multi-disciplinary basic, clinical and translational research with the common goal of improving the lives of people suffering from issues related to diabetes, obesity and metabolism.

Center for Precision Medicine

Michael Olivier, PhD  | 336-713-7505 | molivier@wakehealth.edu  
Laura A. Cox, PhD | 336-713-7506 | laurcox@wakehealth.edu  
Reto Amis, PhD | 336-713-7521| rasmis@wakehealth.edu
Business Representatives: 
Kathryn Calloway, Business Administrator | 336-716-6397 | calloway@wakehealth.edu
Julie Wagoner, Administrative Assistant | 336-713-7521 | jawagone@wakehealth.edu

The Center for Precision Medicine was founded in December 2017 to foster interdisciplinary research into the basis of molecular, cellular, and organ changes contributing to the development and progression of common human disorders, such as cardiometabolic disorders, aging-related morbidities, and other health complications. Research efforts utilize state-of-the-art technologies in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and computational data integration to investigate samples collected from patients, and model systems to explore the biological mechanisms underlying these disorders. The goal of the Center is to provide an environment to link basic research with clinical questions and needs, advance our understanding of disease biology, and apply the findings to improve disease diagnosis and treatment. Center investigators collaborate closely with other Disease Research Centers and clinical investigators at Wake Forest School of Medicine to advance precision medicine at Wake Forest, and apply these technologies and approaches to patient care.

Center for Precision Medicine Membership Application Form

Center for Redox Research in Biology & Medicine

Cristina Furdui, PhD | 336-716-2697 | cfurdui@wakehealth.edu 
Leslie Poole, PhD | 336-716-6711 | lpoole@wakehealth.edu
Business Representative: April Campbell | 336-716-4381 | apcampbe@wakehealth.edu

The Center for Redox Research in Biology & Medicine aims to coordinate and facilitate interdisciplinary basic, translational, and clinical research that has the common goal of improving the knowledge of redox processes contributing to diseases with underlying oxidative mechanisms of damage such as aging, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and others.

Center for Research on Substance Use and Addiction

Michael Nader, PhD | 336-713-7172 | mnader@wakehealth.edu
Mark Wolfson, PhD | 336-716-0380 | mwolfson@wakehealth.edu 
Business Representative: Cindy Salley | 336-716-8509 | csalley@wakehealth.edu

The Center For Research on Substance Use and Addiction is a newly established translational research center at Wake Forest School of Medicine. The goals of the Center are to promote state-of-the-art research, education and dissemination of evidence-based practices focusing on (1) preclinical models that will support the development of personalized treatments for substance-related disorders; (2) population research involving epidemiology, community and policy interventions to promote population health; and (3) clinical-translational research that will generate new knowledge and contribute to our learning healthcare system.

Center for Vaccines at the Extremes of Aging

Martha Alexander-Miller, PhD | 336-716-5936 | marthaam@wakehealth.edu
Karen M. Haas, PhD | 336-716-0966 | kmhaas@wakehealth.edu
Katherine A. Poehling | 336-716-2540 | kpoehlin@wakehealth.edu
Business Representative: April Campbell | 336-716-4381 | apcampbe@wakehealth.edu

Infectious agents are major contributors to disease in individuals at the extremes of the aging spectrum. This is in part due to the suboptimal responsiveness of the immune system in these populations. While vaccines represent the optimal approach for preventing disease, unfortunately the impairment in immunity extends to vaccine responsiveness and as a result these populations do not benefit from vaccine mediated protection to the same level as individuals outside of these age extremes. To overcome these barriers, it is clear that new approaches, e.g. adjuvants, delivery mechanisms, altered antigen doses and carriers, are sorely needed. The mission for the Center for Vaccines at the Extremes of Aging (CVEA) at Wake Forest School of Medicine is to improve the efficacy and safety of vaccines aimed at preventing and treating disease in the very young and very old. This goal will be realized through basic, translational, and clinical research as well as community education.

Comprehensive Cancer Center of Wake Forest University

Director: Boris Pasche, MD, PhD, FACP | 336-716-7971 | bpasche@wakehealth.edu
Business Representatives:
Rebecca Rankin, Administrative Director | 336-716-5689 | rrankin@wakehealth.edu
Donna Pranke, Finance Director | 336-716-3976 | dpranke@wakehealth.edu

The Comprehensive Cancer Center’s mission is to reduce cancer incidence, morbidity, and mortality in the catchment area, nationally, and internationally through cutting-edge research and treatments, education and outreach, and multi-disciplinary training.

Critical Illness, Injury and Recovery Center

Director: Chadwick Miller, MD | 336-716-6304 | cmiller@wakehealth.edu
Vidula Vachharajani, MD | 336-716-2595 | vvachhar@wakehealth.edu
James Holmes, MD | 336-716-1602 | jholmes@wakehealth.edu 
Business Representative: Lauren Koehler | 336-716-4646 | lekoehle@wakehealth.edu

The Critical Illness, Injury and Recovery Research Center (CIIRRC) confronts the economic/healthcare challenge of high morbidity and mortality from critical illness and injury. To meet this challenge, CIIRRC integrates basic and clinical translational research across the continuum from pre-hospitalization (emergency medical systems), emergency department care, acute hospitalization, post-hospital care, and community re-entry.

J. Paul Sticht Center for Healthy Aging and Alzheimer's Prevention

Stephen Kritchevsky, PhD | 336-713-8987 | skritche@wakehealth.edu
Suzanne Craft, PhD | 336-713-8548 | suzcraft@wakehealth.edu
Business Representative: Valar McClellan | 336-713-8536 | vmcclell@wakehealth.edu

The mission of the Sticht Center for Healthy Aging and Alzheimer’s Prevention is to foster vitality, independence, and resilience throughout the lifespan by promoting optimal physical and brain health. We will discover and disseminate knowledge to achieve this mission through multidisciplinary collaboration in basic and clinical research, research training, professional education, community outreach. With clinical partners, we will develop and apply new approaches for the treatment and prevention of physical and cognitive disability.

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