Central Biorepository Shared Resource

The major goal of the Central Biorepository Shared Resource (CBSR) is to establish a centralized repository to inventory, archive and distribute existing tissues and associated analytics, as well as, to promote and guide collection of future samples from across the research and clinical community. To meet this goal, the CBSR offers the following services:

  • CBSR Informatics – Collation and electronic tracking of existing and anticipated sample specimens for cataloguing  into the Platform For Science™ software, from acquisition and archiving through distribution and progress reporting. 
  • Use & Distribution of Biospecimens & Data – Provides a means for equitable access to biorepository resources, ensures that use of biorepository resources meet all regulatory, legal, and ethical standards, and promotes the use of biorepository resources for scientifically sound and valuable research.
  • Tissue Accessibility – PIs maintain ownership of their biospecimens that are inventoried and maintained in the CBSR resource but will agree that the samples will be advertised in the inventory for visibility by other users. If there is interest in utilizing specific specimens, then it shall be the responsibility of interested users to contact the owner of the tissue or sample of interest for potential collaborations.
  • Long-Term Freezer Storage – Providing investigators the ability to bank, archive, and inventory existing and future samples in ultralow (-80°C) and room temperature, climate-controlled conditions. CBSR also provides consultation services including sample prep, collection, and processing. 
    • All samples entered into Platform for Science™ software along with data associated with storage location, pertinent phenotypic information, PI/study information, collection date & method, and IRB or IACUC approval, as well as sample species, type, and quantity (human samples de-identified but can be linked to EMR using honest broker system)
  • Processing & Testing – Providing processing services for blood, bone, and other tissues. DNA/RNA purification and QC, quantification, and storage are also offered. 
  • Administrative – CBSR also offers guidance for PIs that might propose to use samples, including providing SOPs and text for grant sections. 

Major Equipment & Associated Services (future):

  • Robotics for sample handling & aliquoting
  • Benchtop centrifuges and autoclave
  • Mini-Beadbeater-96
  • Automated DNA/RNA isolation instrument
  • Automated cell counters
  • Qubit and Nanodrop spectrophotometers
  • TapeStation automated electrophoresis system
  • Topload and analytical weighing balances
  • Cryostat
  • Freezer mill
  • Fume and biosafety hoods
  • Freezers for short-term storage
  • ThermoFisher™ Platform for Science Software