TIP Goals

  • Provide new research opportunities by encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Support public and private grant funded research
  • Integrate all researchers utilizing imaging techniques
  • Engage in hardware and software development
  • Sponsor grants for technical development
  • Encourage industry funded research

The TIP is committed to keeping Wake Forest School of Medicine on the cutting edge of imaging research. 


The Translational Imaging Program (TIP) occupies several spaces:

  • The ground and first floors (13,200 square feet) of the MRI building including an office suite for Bioinformatics, an image analysis training room, a video editing lab, plus cubicles for programmers and analysts
  • 2,000 square feet in the Nutrition Research Center
  • Clarkson Campus
  • PRIMIR (coming soon)

The radiochemistry laboratories has been recently renovated to ISO class 5/7 GMP facility for all clinical and research productions. This sterile GMP-certified laboratory is equipped with two Capintech Hot Cells, two Comecere hot cells, four mini-cells. Inside the hot cells, we have GE FX2MeI, GE FX2M, GE FXC and TRASIS AIO modules for both C-11 and F-18 radiosyntheses. Additionally, we have USP797-complaint class 5 isolation chamber for preparation of final radiopharmaceutical clean vial. Inside the lab, we even have two chemistry fume hoods, a shielded rotary evaporator, and a GMP-certified laminar flow hood.