Clarkson Campus CT

Siemens SOMATOM Definition Flash CT Scanner in Clarkson Campus

The SOMATOM Definition Flash contains the Stellar Detector, including TrueSignal and Edge
Technology. Both take CT imaging where it has never gone before by routinely generating ultrathin
0.5 mm slices e.g. for most accurate stenosis, plaque and stent analysis. Besides, it
enables reduction of dose for all scans, resulting in for example sub-mSv cardiac imaging. Dual
Energy automatically provides a second contrast for the best possible diagnosis without any
extra dose. The Definition Flash CT has two Stella detectors with a routine spatial resolution of
up to 0.3mm and a number of slice of up to 128. Patient table to support ultra-fast spiral
scanning and up to 200cm scan range. Motor-driven table height adjustment from min. 48 cm to
max. 92 cm, longitudinal movement of the tabletop 200 cm in increments of 0.5 mm, positioning
accuracy +/- 0.25 mm from any direction. Horizontal scan range 200 cm. Table height can be
controlled alternatively by means of foot switch (2 each on both sides of the patient table). In the
case of emergency stop or power failure, the tabletop can also be moved manually in horizontal
direction. Maximum table load: 220 kg/485 lbs, Table feed speed: 2-458 mm/s, Distance
between gantry front and table base 40 cm.

ADMIRE – Siemens Advanced Modeled Iterative Reconstruction – offers smoothly integrate
exceptionally low dose and excellent image quality into your daily routine. When using ADMIRE,
clinical images provide higher resolution at organ borders and improved delineation of edges,
e.g. to better localize lesions. Thick slices are now reconstructed at a more natural image
impression, even from ultra-low-dose scans. Iteratively reconstructed low-dose datasets can
now easily be stored in PACS or on film – ADMIRE gives clinicians access to enhanced image
quality with a natural image impression and all clinical applications, while utilizing the full dose
reduction potential offered by iterative reconstruction.

The Flash Spiral capability makes it possible to acquire an ECG-gated-synchronized dataset of
the whole chest in less than 1 second – even without patients having to hold their breath. It
enables dose values consistently below 5 mSv for an application that is in the range of 25 mSv
with conventional CT. SOMATOM Definition Flash offers two times 38.4 mm detector zcoverage.
At a pitch of 3.4, the table feed is 458 mm/s with a true temporal resolution of 75 ms
for each individual image. This is sufficient to cover a heart in about 0.25 s, a quarter of a heart
beat. Publications demonstrate that reliable coronary CTA is routinely feasible at radiation dose
values below 1 mSv, even in patients up to 90 kg.

This research-dedicated facility is equipped with all necessary supplies. There is an animal prep
room, and a CT-registered technologist performs the scanning. All image data is HIPAA
compliant and can be networked (DICOM format) to GE workstations, TeraRecon servers, Mac
workstations, or other servers for analysis by investigators. If needed, other shared clinical CT
scanners are available.