Bruker Biospec 70/30 USR micro-MRI 7T

The 7T Facility is located on the basement level of the Nutrition Research building. It is operated by dedicated MRI registered technologists during normal business hours.

The 7T Bruker pre-clinical MRI Scanner techniques currently available include:

  • Diameter of clear bore: >300m
  • Stray-field (5 Gauss): +/-3m axial, +/- 2m radial
  • Length: 1.49m
  • Diameter: 1.652m
  • In vivo mouse, rat, and non-human structural primate imaging (T1w, T2w, T2 FLAIR)
  • Mouse and rat cardiac and atherosclerosis imaging
  • Proton/Fluorine Spectroscopy
  • Magnetically labeled cell tracking
  • Advanced neuroimaging techniques, such as, Diffusion Tensor Imaging.

Superconducting Magnet System

  • Actively-shielded superconducting wide-bore magnet
  • Nitrogen free (no cryogenic maintenance by customer)
  • Cryo-refrigerator (Minimal helium consumption, long hold-times, long maintenance intervals)
  • Reduced stray field
  • Screening against external field perturbations
  • Table attached to the magnet front side with integrated rail for animal handling system
  • Passive RT shim system
  • Vibration damping (absorber)


  • Bruker Avance digital radio frequency system
  • The digital signal processing system operates at 1H resonance frequency of 500 MHz and utilizes digital filtering, digital quadrature demodulation as well as digital controls for RF amplitude stabilization for superior resolution and image quality
  • Receiver bandwidth: 5 MHz
  • Digital receive channels: up to 16 (optional)
  • 1H RF amplifier: 4000 W pulse power
  • HP workstation
  • High resolution flat screen monitor