1. To provide study design and analytic advice, grant development services, and analytic support for broad constituencies
  2. To educate learners across the academic learning health system (aLHS) to develop skills in research methods, design, biostatistics, and epidemiology relevant to a range of translational research questions
  3. To develop novel tools and methods for addressing barriers to the conduct of clinical and translational research projects, with an emphasis on the aLHS


Walter Ambrosius, PhD, Director of BERD Program
Tim Craven, MS, Senior Biostatistician
Elizabeth Jensen, PhD, Associate Program Leader for Education
Joseph Rigdon, PhD, Associate Director for Consulting
Gregory Russell, MS, Assistant Director for Consulting
Beverly Snively, PhD, Professor
Erin Lynne Sutfin, PhD, Associate Professor, Social Sciences and Health Policy
Mike Bancks, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology & Prevention


Note: While we will work to honor all requests, please allow a 60 day notice for biostatistical support.

Open Office Hours

   Morning Afternoon 
 Monday  9-10a  1-2p
 Tuesday  10-11a  1-2p
 Wednesday  9-10a  4-5p
 Thursday  10-11a  1-2p
 Friday  10-11a  1-2p

All open office hours held virtually via WebEx.
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For consultations outside of the open hours or for additional information, contact us!

Greg Russell: grussell@wakehealth.edu | 336-716-5449
Tim Craven: tcraven@wakehealth.edu | 336-716-6109