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Translational Imaging Program (TIP)

Message from the Director

Whitlow, C636377198835939468

The TIP was created in response to the pivotal role imaging technologies have played in both clinical and basic sciences research. The TIP fosters an environment that provides academic growth for faculty engaged in all areas of research.

Within the TIP is the Translational Imaging Shared Resources (TISR), which is comprised of all fee-for-service activity related to the research imaging services.

The TISR is a Medical School facility comprised of state-of-the-art imaging modalities. Its purpose is to support imaging research while facilitating multi-disciplinary research.

Part of its mission is to change the imaging research paradigm from pathoanatomy to imaging opportunities related to physiologic/functional imaging and molecular imaging.

TIP Goals

  • Provide new research opportunities by encouraging interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Support public and private grant funded research
  • Integrate all researchers utilizing imaging techniques
  • Engage in hardware and software development
  • Sponsor grants for technical development
  • Encourage industry funded research

The TIP is committed to keeping Wake Forest School of Medicine on the cutting edge of imaging research.


Christopher Whitlow, MD, PhD, MHA, Program Leader
Kiran Solingapuram Sai, PhD, Co-leader, Cyclotron and Clinical Radiochemistry 
Thaddeus Wadas, PhS, Co-leader, Radio-metal Chemistry
Josh Tan, MA, Co-leader, Information Technology
Youngkyoo Jung, PhD, Technical Director, MRI
Jeff Cartwright, Lead Engineer 

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Citing for Cancer Services

If you used the Translational Imaging Program for cancer-related services, please make sure to site the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (NCI CCSG P30CA012197).