KL2 Mentored Career Development Award

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute KL2 Mentored Career Development Award provides 2-3 years of support for early-career research faculty from Wake Forest to build clinical and translational research skills and competencies under the guidance of skilled multi-disciplinary mentoring teams, within the context of a learning healthcare system and rapidly evolving academic research environment.

KL2 Support Details

CTSI KL2 Research Scholars will receive 75% salary support for at least 2 years, up to $35,000/year to support educational and research needs, an Individual Development Plan, and a multi-disciplinary mentoring team. KL2 scholars engaged in procedurally intensive clinical work are allowed to devote less than 75% effort, but not less than 50% effort, to the KL2 program. Scholars will become members of the CTSI Translational Research Academy and actively and regularly participate in its ongoing and diverse educational, networking and mentoring opportunities. Scholars will receive priority access to other CTSI resources including biostatistical and research design support, a study coordinator pool, and Research Navigators.

The CTSI funded three KL2 Research Scholars in 2016-2018, one in 2017-2019, four in 2018-2020, two in 2019-2021, three in 2020-2022, three in 2021-2023, and three in 2022-2024 (see the awardees).



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