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A friendly reminder to the research community from the Office of Sponsored Programs

January 6, 2022

  • Effective August 6, 2021 – Notice No.: NOT-OD-21-172

    Adjusted Timeline for Requiring Two-Factor Authentication to Access eRA Modules Using Login.Gov or InCommon Federated Accounts. Learn More

  • eRA Reminder: Effective November 17, 2021 Password Moving to Passphrase for eRA Commons

    Users of eRA Commons (including Commons Mobile, ASSIST, and IAR) who change their passwords will be required to use a passphrase— a set of random words or a sentence at least 15 characters long — instead of a password.  The change is designed to make passwords easy for users to remember but hard for others to guess.  We previously communicated this change in a Nexus article an in targeted messages.

  • eRA Information: Effective December 15, 2021 If You Have Multiple eRA Accounts, You May Need to Contact the eRA Service Desk to Adjust Your Two-Factor Authentication Setup

    As needed, please take actions mentioned in following message:

    "We are reaching out to you because you recently transitioned your eRA administrative account [] to use to satisfy the two-factor authentication requirement. We just want to remind you that if you have a second eRA account that is scientific [], then you may need to contact the eRA Service Desk [] so we can help adjust your accounts to support the current two-factor authentication requirements. This is because scientific accounts are the ones that are required to start using two-factor authentication first based on triggering events (see Background below), while administrative accounts can wait until mid-2022."

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