THSS Colloquium Series

The Translational Health System Science program’s series is held on Mondays at 12 PM, Jan 24 – May 16, 2022!

January 21, 2022


Join us for the biweekly THSS Colloquium Spring Series held on Mondays at 12:00 pm (via WebEx).

The goal of the Colloquium is to bring trainees and faculty together to review LHS methods and topics germane to career and professional development. Some Colloquium sessions will also allow scholars to present their own research findings and receive feedback.

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Colloquium Sequence includes the following topics and speakers.

(Agenda items are subject to change) 



Lead Instructor(s)


Jan 24, '22

Introduction and 2021 Year in Review Gary Rosenthal, MD & Thomas Houston II, MD


Feb 7, '22

De-Implementation, It’s so hard!

Thomas Houston II, MD


Feb 21, '22 Social Determinants and the LHS  Deepak Palakshappa, MD  WebEx
Feb 28, '22 Qualitative Analyses (including Coincidence Analysis) for LHS  Sarah Birken, PhD  WebEx
March 21, '22

Health Economics, Budget Impact Analysis, and LHS

 Amresh Hanchate, PhD  WebEx
April 4, 2022 Working with IT/Informatics in the planning stages  Panelists:
Ajay Dharod, MD
Eric Kirkendall, MBI, MD
Stephen Downs, MD
David Miller, MD
April 18, 2022 Engaging Clinical Practices and Community Stakeholders
 Hazel Tapp, PhD  WebEx
May 2, 2022  Clinical Decision Support and the LHS Steve Downs, MD   WebEx
 May 16, 2022 Social Determinants and the LHS   

Deepak Palakshappa, MD


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