2021 Pilot Awards

Congratulations to each of our 6 Clinical/Population Health and 4 Basic/Translational Pilot Recipients!

March 29, 2021

The Intramural Research Support Committee (IRSC) reviewed 62 letters of intent and 33 full grant applications. There were 19 applications submitted to the Clinical/Population Health RFA and 14 application to the Basic/Translational RFA.

Congratulations to each of our recipients! 

See the recipients below or Download 2021 Pilot Announcement PDF 



Kristen Beavers, PhD

Kristen Beavers, PhD, MPH

Dept. Of Health & Exercise Science

“Application of the Novel D3Cr Dilution Method to Better Understand Weight Loss Associated Changes in Muscle Mass and Physical Performance Among Older Adults with Obesity”
—co-funded by Center on Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism and Sticht Center for Alzheimer's Prevention and Healthy Aging

Sarah Abigail Birken, PhD

Sarah A. Birken, PhD

Implementation Science

“Developing Strategies to De-implement CT Imaging for the Evaluation of Low-Risk Microscopic Hematuria“

Savithri Nageswaran, MBBS, MPH

Savithri Nageswaran, MBBS, MPH


“In-person Versus Telehealth Access to Health Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs”


—Project also awarded a $10,000 supplement from the Wake Forest Center for Biomedical Informatics.

James Christopher O'Neill, MD

James C. O’Neill, MD

Emergency Medicine

“Investigating Cholesterol Esters as an Emergency Department Cardiovascular Biomarker (ICE-Cube)”

⏤co-funded by the Critical Illness, Injury and Recovery Research Center

B. Scott Segal, MD, MHCM

B. Scott Segal, MD, MHCM


“Improving the Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Through Deep Learning”
⏤co-funded by the Neuroscience Clinical Trial and Innovation Center

—Project also awarded a $10,000 supplement from the Wake Forest Center for Biomedical Informatics.

Rebecca Erwin Wells, MD, MPH

Rebecca Erwin Wells, MD, MPH


“Online TEAM Migraine: Online Techniques and Education Aimed to Manage Migraine”


Wesley Hsu, MD

Wesley Hsu, PhD

“QDevelopment of a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for the Treatment of Brachyury-Driven Cancer by Intratumoral CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Brachyury Disruption”
⏤co-funded by the Comprehensive Cancer Center
Joost Maier, PhD 

Joost Maier, PhD

Neurobiology & Anatomy

“Linking Eating Behavior to Multisensory Flavor Perception in Early Childhood“
Xin Ming, PhD

Xin Ming, PhD

Cancer Biology

“Targeted Anchoring Ecto-enzyme on Cancer Cell Surface to Overcome Resistance to Antibody Therapy in Breast Cancer”

⏤co-funded by the Comprehensive Cancer Center

Benjamin Andrew Rowland, PhD

Benjamin Rowland, PhD

Neurobiology & Anatomy

“Preserving Visual Function with Neuro-Protective Agents”


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background cover photo by Pika Alyani on Unsplash