The Informatics Program supports biomedical and clinical informatics needs of WF investigators by providing expert guidance, informatics tools, programming support, and management of WF’s Translational Data Warehouse. The Informatics Program will increase the use of electronic health record (EHR) data for clinical and translational research and maximize the impact of research on health through an integrated CTSA informatics network. 


Open Consultation Hours

Have questions about data requests or resources such as i2b2, ACT, TriNetX, etc?

Join us during our open consultation hours or contact us to schedule a meeting.


10-11 am



1-2 pm


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 All open office hours held virtually via WebEx.

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i2b2 Training Hours

Each 1-hour training session will cover how to access and use basic and advanced
features of i2b2, 
including obtaining feasibility numbers and pulling patient data (with appropriate approval). 

First Fridays

10-11 am


Third Thursdays

3-4 pm


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with questions or for more information.

All i2b2 training sessions held virtually via WebEx.
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Translational Data Warehouse (TDW)

The Translational Data Warehouse (TDW) is a comprehensive research data warehouse integrating clinical data from our WakeOne system and other research information from multiple data sources. Currently the TDW consists of clinical data which includes demographics, diagnoses, procedures, medications, lab results, vitals, and visit details from the medical record (historical and current).

Data can be used for retrospective chart reviews and analysis, identify patients for recruitment, or to pull aggregate numbers for cohort identification and build projected enrollment tables.

Informatics Spotlight PDF

Program Spotlight 

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Self-Service Model

The i2b2 platform is a query tool that allows investigators to query clinical data in the Translational Data Warehouse for cohort identification and pull detailed data for research projects. Medical Center users can automatically log in to i2b2 with valid CITI certification. Use of i2b2, as well as training on i2b2 or the Data Puller tool, is available at no cost.

View our Quick Tutorial Videos or  Learn more about CITI certification/training



Prior to IRB approval, i2b2 can be used to pull aggregate numbers and enrollment tables based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. For IRB-approved studies, the Data Puller tool within i2b2 can be used to select and receive data elements based on HIPAA Waiver criteria approved in your IRB application.

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The SKAN (Search Kibana Accessible Notes) NLP (Natural Language Processing) system can be used to pull aggregate numbers based on inclusion and exclusion of content in clinical notes.

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