Participating in Clinical Research

The Wake Forest University Health Sciences' Institutional Review Board (IRB) welcomes input and questions from research participants, people interested in participating in research, and members of the public who want to know more about scientific research. 

Research being conducted at Wake Forest University Health Sciences can be located using the resources above, or our local database tool which can be accessed on the Be Involved website.

La investigación que se llevó a cabo en la Wake Forest University Ciencias de la Salud pueden ser localizadas utilizando por encima de los recursos, o nuestra herramienta de base de datos local que se puede acceder aquí.

 Getting Involved in Research Review

Community Members on the Institutional Review Board (IRB)

IRB Community MemberThe term "community" denotes a group of people who have a common set of interests, a common set of characteristics, or who live in an identified neighborhood or location.
An IRB community member is someone from outside the organization or institution who serves on the IRB. The community member is usually non-scientific and is not affiliated with the institution. Community members come from a variety of backgrounds and are chosen for particular experience, knowledge, or relationship to the types of studies reviewed by the IRB. These members often are drawn from the community in which an institution resides. Former research subjects, patient advocates, teachers, nurses, members of vulnerable populations, retirees or experts in multicultural affairs may be sought for IRB service. 

Please contact the IRB Office at
336-716-4542 if you have questions or are interested in becoming an IRB community member.