Limited Submissions

Some funding agencies limit the number of proposals or applications that they will accept from any one institution. These are called limited submission funding opportunities. There are 3 distinct ways the Institution manages Limited Submission proposals.

  1. Since it is impossible to become aware of every limited submission opportunity available in enough time to advertise an internal deadline, many are treated as a first come, first served basis. This situation typically happens when the external deadline is less than 2 months away. If you have identified a Limited Submission that has a tight turnaround time, email Brittney Jackson at to determine if anyone else has plans to submit to that opportunity.
  2. If a Limited Submission is very disease focused, the limited submission decision is made by the appropriate Department Chair.
  3. If we are aware of a Limited Submission far enough in advance, or is a known popular opportunity, the CTSI will post an internal deadline. In these instances, a pre-proposal (following instructions below) needs to be submitted to Brittney Jackson at to go through an internal competition. The Dean’s Intramural Research Support Committee (IRSC) completes a review on the pre-proposal before a decision is made on who from the institution can submit. 

Limited Submission Pre-Proposal Instructions

The pre-proposal should typically* include the following elements and be emailed to Brittney Jackson at

1. Project Description (2 pages) - Including the following

  • Significance – what important problem is being addressed
  • Methods and Approach – Briefly describe the experimental design and methods used to accomplish the objectives.
  • Innovation – Does the project employ novel concepts, approaches or methods
  • Investigator qualifications – training and experience in the work proposed.
  • Environment – Describe resources and institutional resources supporting the project.

2. NIH Format Bio-sketch - For help constructing a properly formatted bio-sketch, please review the NIH guidelines.

*Any special instructions for the pre-proposal will be posted with the funding award information.