Research 101 is a multi-week summer program that allows participants to develop foundational research knowledge and skills. The program is aimed toward early career clinical faculty and clinicians who are interested in developing fundamental skills for designing and conducting clinical research and are planning to submit an application for a CTSI Pilot Grant or similar pilot funding mechanism. Research 101 uses a blended learning approach where participants view online lectures on relevant content and attend virtual weekly workshop sessions, which provide opportunities for discussion and application of the content in real time. Participants will develop a research question into a draft application for a CTSI Pilot Grant or similar pilot funding mechanisms.        

To apply, participants must have:

  •  a research question 
  • an identified research mentor
  • a letter of support from their supervisor
  • ability to attend at least 75% of the planned sessions
  • commitment to complete all self-paced learning activities  

**For individuals who want access to the Research 101 self-paced learning, but are unable to commit to the full Research 101 Program, there is an option to audit the course. More details on auditing the course are available through the application link.


2024 Program Dates

The program is approximately 12 weeks long and will run from May 2024 – September 2024. 

Applications are due by April 5, 2024.

Click here to apply