Alexandria Marshall

2020 Medical Student Research Day Winner

Alexandria Marshall

Class of 2023 

Meredith Award for Outstanding Health Equity Research

Defining Personal and Communal Aspects of Social Determinants of Health in Glioma Population

We sought to identify potential differences in social determinants of health in the glioma population based on community-income status, community characteristics, and treatment status. Additionally, we sought to determine which social determinants of health were most important to the patients and caregivers through focus groups and individual interviews.

  • What inspires you to do research?
    I am inspired to do research to push the field of medicine forward in order to better help my future patients. This inspiration does not only include better medications but also better ways to discuss important life circumstances that affect my future patient's health and outcomes.
  • Where do you hope to do your residency and why?
    I have not decided where I want to do my residency per say, but I would like to be in a bigger urban community where I can help to address health disparities and access to health services at an urban level. I am interested in continuing doing research in my residency but am also looking for a program that primarily focuses on furthering my education as a clinician.
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
    I am an avid tennis player and won two state championships with my high school team.