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Veterinary Medical Records for USDA-Regulated Species: Revised Forms and Updated Requirements

Veterinary medical records serve as documentation of animal health and well-being assessments. The ideal medical record should tell the story of an animal from the time it arrives at WFU until the time it leaves.  While not a requirement, the USDA inspectors expect to see complete medical records in order to ensure there is effective daily observation of animals and adequate veterinary care.  Documentation of the communication between the research and veterinary staffs, as well as clear indicators of responsibility for care, are key components of what they consider to be a complete record. 

During this one hour interactive class we will:

Discuss the proper methods to document animal assessments, medications/treatments given, and communication with veterinary staff.

Introduce two new ARP forms for recording medications/treatments and revisions to the ARP Daily Observation Form.

Define the responsibilities of the research team and the veterinary staff for the welfare of experimental animals.

It is strongly recommended that all those working with USDA-regulated animal attend one of these sessions.  Registration is not required.




Wake Forest CTSI

Target Audience

  • Faculty
  • Animal Laboratory Staff
  • Undergraduate & Post-Baccalaureate Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Medical & Veterinary Trainees
  • Postdoctoral Fellows & Scholars

Delivery Method


RCR Credit

0 Credit(s)



Contact Information

Name: Colleen Bennett
Phone: 336-716-4127

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