30 Day Auto Expunging of Deleted Wakehealth.edu Emails Begins June 8

This affects all teammates and students at all Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist locations.

June 1, 2023


Starting June 15, 2023, all wakehealth.edu email items located in the “Deleted Items” folder of Microsoft Outlook will be automatically and permanently removed after 30 days. This change will align our email use with Advocate Health system policies and procedures.



Emails intended to be deleted are still accessible within the email application, which increases our cybersecurity risk. Best practice is to permanently delete emails that users have electively deleted and are residing in the “Deleted Items” folder. All other markets within Advocate Health have adopted policies to auto-expunge/permanently remove emails that have been marked as deleted after 30 days.



Permanently removing deleted items after 30 days will prevent large numbers of emails intended for deletion to accumulate, removing a cybersecurity risk.



No individual action is required, other than awareness of this policy and procedural change.