April 27th, 2023 Research Town Hall

April 1, 2023

Thank you to all of those who attended the Research Town Hall last week and for your participation and dedication to the research mission. We had over 200 participants listening in. A few updates can be found below:

  1. Please find the slide deck from yesterday’s Town Hall here.
  2. You can access the recording for yesterday’s Town Hall here. The session starts at 4:50 on the recording.
  3. A guide to Academic Axiom Financial Reporting Tools can be found here.
  4. We are happy to announce our new “Research Admin Virtual Office Hours”, starting May 1st. The IRB, Interdisciplinary Research Team, Office of Clinical Research and Office of Sponsored Programs have all dedicated team resources to be available for 1-hour one day each week for any questions or guidance needed, based on the subject areas they support. You can find more details here.
  5. As we continue to solidify trust in our Research Admin support teams, please reach out to the following Director leads for any issues:
    1. Debbie Sanabria (Director of Pre-Award, Office of Sponsored Programs): dsanabri@wakehealth.edu
    2. Sharon Brooks (Director of Post-Award, Office of Sponsored Programs): sgbrooks@wakehealth.edu
    3. Michele Gordon (Director of Contracts, Office of Sponsored Programs): mgordon@wakehealth.edu
    4. Ryan Favreau (Director of Systems & Reporting, Office of Sponsored Programs): rfavreau@wakehealth.edu
    5. Kara King (Director of Research Admin. Business Partners, Office of Sponsored Programs): Kara.King@atriumhealth.org
    6. Christina Rivera (Director of Pre & Post-Award, Office of Clinical Research): Christina.Rivera@atriumhealth.org