NEW CTSI Translational Science Pilot RFA

One project will be funded and will receive up to $40,000 in direct costs.

November 11, 2021

The purpose of this RFA is to support new and innovative research relevant to Translational Science.

Proposed projects must be focused on translational science, i.e. focused on understanding a scientific or operational principle underlying a step of the translational process with the goal of developing generalizable principles to accelerate translational research. The intent of the award is to explore possible innovative new leads or new directions for established investigators, stimulate investigators from other areas to lend their expertise in research in clinical and translational science, and provide initial support to establish proof of concept. Translational research projects, i.e., project focused on crossing a particular step of the translational process for a particular target or disease, will not be considered.

These awards are open to all faculty with a rank of instructor or higher across the Atrium Health Enterprise including Atrium Health, Atrium Health Navicent, and Wake Forest Baptist Health, including Wake Forest School of Medicine. Wake Forest University faculty and all CTSI affiliated institutions with a Wake Forest co-investigator are also invited to apply!

Examples of studies that would be responsive:

  • Development of new research methodology and/or new technologies/tools/resources that will advance clinical and translational science and thus increase the efficiency and effectiveness of translation e.g., collaborative structures; integration of project management; incentives/credit for team science; incentives/credit for health improvements; education/training (scientific and cultural); biomarker qualification process
  • Early-stage development of new therapy/technology with generalizable application to an identified translational roadblock
  • Demonstration in a particular use case(s) that the new methodology or technology advances translational science by successfully making one or more steps of the translational process more effective or efficient

    See more examples listed in the RFA!

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01/05/22, 11:59 pm Letter of Intent (LOI) Deadline
01/21/22 Investigators Invited for Full Application
02/28/22, 11:59 pm Full Application Deadline
07/01/22 Project Start Date
06/30/23 Project End Date

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