I2b2 De-identified Data

New functionality available on the i2b2 DataPuller tool!

November 11, 2021

By using a simplified IRB application for Non-Human Subjects Research you can now receive de-identified data when using the i2b2 DataPuller tool. This new functionality can allow researchers to access preliminary de-identified data without an active Human Subjects Research IRB protocol in place, in accordance with HIPAA guidelines. This allows you to pull not only counts for research, but also de-identified data points related to diagnosis, procedures, admissions, medications and other EHR information.

To utilize this new tool begin by building a query in the self-service platform i2b2 and then use the “Pull Data” option at the top of the page. Enter your Non-Human Subjects Research IRB protocol number and check the “I want to receive de-identified data” box before clicking on “next”. For more information and training videos for both i2b2 and the DataPuller tool please visit our program page.


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