Faculty Publications: New Tutorial for CTSI Profiles

Updated tutorial guides faculty through updating their publications collections and proxy users on Wake Forest CTSI's Profiles platform.

November 18, 2020

Wake Forest faculty can update their Wake Forest publication listings on CTSI’s Profiles platform. Administrative resources can be listed as proxy to act on behalf of faculty within their department by requesting proxy access.

Profiles Tutorial from Carpenter Library

Coy C. Carpenter Library has created a new tutorial website to walks users through:

  • Logging on to Profiles
  • Updating publication listings
  • Updating research activities and funding
  • Setting up proxy users
  • General FAQ

      Or Login to Profiles

Guidance and Education

Dianne Johnson, senior professional librarian at Coy C. Carpenter Library, can train faculty and proxy users about how to add/delete publications and how to do research updates in Profiles. In addition, she can demonstrate her process about how to find faculty publications in not only Pubmed but other databases as well. She is available for individual and group trainings. Contact her at dyjohnso@wakehealth.edu with questions and to set up training times.

NOTICE: Other edits (including name, title/appointment, department, address, photo, contact information, research interests*, bio/about me*) must be requested through the Faculty & Provider Data Quality request form or by contacting FPDQ@wakehealth.edu. Do not attempt to edit Profile Categories beyond Publications or Research Awards and Funding.

*As seen on faculty pages of wakehealth.edu and school.wakehealth.edu