Research Operations Committee (ROC)

A standing committee that is advisory to Research Leadership and to the Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI).

Mission and Charge

The committee's mission and charge is to:

  • Identify and discuss appropriate operational issues of CTSI that impact interaction with faculty and staff.
  • Discuss methods to facilitate communication of research related information to faculty and staff.
  • Serve as a sounding board for Research Leadership on issues facing the Research Enterprise.


This is a standing committee that reports to the Dean for the School of Medicine. The committee's reporting scheme agrees with the established reporting structure within WFUHS and similar to other advisory and standing committees. The committee interacts with invited experts and consultants. To accomplish its mission and charge, the committee has access to appropriate information related to CTSI. The results of the committee's deliberations are public to the Medical Center community.


Meetings are typically held bi-monthly in the CTSI suite. The meeting typically lasts for one hour and does not require any prior work other than considering the topic that is emailed out ahead of the meeting time. 


The ROC is composed of appointed faculty representatives from academic Divisions, Departments, or Institutes. The chair, co-chair and members are selected by the Dean or his designee. Members are expected to serve as liaisons to their Divisions, Departments, and Institutes and no more than one voting member may be appointed from one of these designated areas.
Committee members are appointed for a 3 year term and coincide with the start of the institution's fiscal year. After the initial term, members may be appointed to additional one-year terms without limit. 


Dr. David Miller, Chair (2018)
Dr. Carol Milligan (2018)
Dr. Leslie Poole (2018)
Dr. Janet Tooze (2018)
Dr. Purmina Dubey (2019)
Dr. Brian McCool (2019)
Dr. Linda Metheny-Barlow (2019)
Dr. Kiran Solingapuram Sai (2019)
Dr. Jasmina Varagic (2019)
Dr. Leslie Pool (2019)
Ms. Robyn Gore (ex-officio)

Dr. Cheryl Bushnell (2020)
Dr. Daniel Clark Files (2020)
Dr. Christina Furdui (2020)
Dr. Carlos Rodriguez (2020)
Dr. John Salsman (2020)
Dr. Vidula Vaccharajani (2020)
Dr. Pierre Vidi (2020)
Dr. William Wagner (2020)
Dr. Tan Zhang (2020)
Mr. Chris O'Bryne (ex-officio)