Interaction and Acceleration of Research (InterAC) Forum

Encouraging networking and spurring on new research collaborations.

The purpose of the InterAC Forum is to serve as an inclusive forum to encourage team building across as broad a spectrum of the faculty as possible. The forum encourages networking and collaboration between our faculty, centers and core facilities. It is also a communication vehicle to let others know what is happening in the centers that could spur new research collaborations across the institution or with the Reynolda Campus. It is a place where those involved in centers can discuss issues that impact their research or operations.

InterAC Forums

  • Are open to those wishing to participate in center activities, initiate a center, engage in collaborative activities, or learn more about institutional research initiatives and infrastructure
  • Include academic presentations and subsequent discussion along with research updates by CTSI or the Dean’s office
  • Are held 4 - 5 pm the 4th Tuesday of the months January-May and August-October.
  • Meetings will now be held at dual locations. 
    • Bailey Power Plant (BPP), 4th floor, conference room 421
    • Gray Building, 1st Floor, Medical School Board Room (Outside Carpenter Library)


Debra I. Diz, PhD
Faculty Leader