Research Salary Bridge


The purpose of this program is to provide salary support to eligible Wake Forest School of Medicine faculty whose extramurally funded research effort falls below the 65% expectation.


Faculty interested in applying for salary bridge funding must meet the following criteria:

  • Rank of Assistant Professor or above; and
  • Research-intensive (50% or greater research effort) tenure-track, clinician scholar, or education scholar faculty; and
  • Are experiencing or anticipate a decrease in research funding to less than the 65% expectation and are unable to identify alternative funding sources to support salary; and
  • Do not meet the criteria for the Early-Career Salary Support


  • Faculty who have received a 3-year salary guarantee letter and are within the guarantee period should not submit bridge funding applications.
  • This program does not apply to contingent faculty.

Key Dates/Timing

Application Deadline (yearly) Salary Bridge Start Date (yearly)
April 1 July 1
July 1 October 1
October 1 January 1
January 1 April 1

Application Procedure

Initial Review

The faculty member's Department Chair should provide the first level of review for Research Salary Bridge Funding requests. Then, if appropriate, the Chair will submit the Research Salary Bridge Funding Application on behalf of the faculty member following the instructions below.

Salary Bridge Application Materials Due on Required Date Above by 11:59 pm

Department Chairs can submit the Research Salary Bridge Funding Application on behalf of the faculty member through the Salary Bridge Application. Application instructions are summarized below.

  • Faculty name, department, rank, faculty track (data enter)
  • Upload the following documents individually:
  • Completed fillable PDF addressing the following requirements:
    • Please provide background on the salary bridge funding candidate (funding history, publication record, quality, submission record, etc.).
    • Please describe plans for extramural grant submissions in this fiscal year (what is the plan to meet extramural funding expectations?).
    • Please share any additional information or extenuating circumstances, if applicable.
  • Updated CV
  • Effort Calculation Table (update green cells, as needed)

Review Process

The Chief Science Officer, Vice President of Research Administration and Operations, and the Chair of the Intramural Research Support Committee will review applications and make the decision about whether or not to fund the application. The department chair will attend this meeting to participate in the discussion and decision. Dean Freischlag will review all decisions.

Funded Salary Bridge Maintenance/Review

Twice per year, all extant salary bridge recipients will be reviewed to determine whether or not continued funding is justified. There will be no re-application necessary for faculty with salary bridge needs extending across fiscal years, however additional information on progress may be requested during bridge periods.