Integrating Special Populations Program (ISP)

Over the last decade, Wake Forest has developed and implemented large-scale outreach programs targeting racial and ethnic minorities and older adults. These efforts, using well-established strategies and resident expertise, have supported numerous clinical trials to improve health care in these under-studied groups. 

The Integrating Special Populations (ISP) Program of the Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity and the Clinical and Translation Science Institute, aims to assist WFBMC investigators’ to increase involvement of special populations in clinical studies and is designed to ensure that the representation of special population in research adequately represents the community. The program especially encourages research opportunities for adults 65 years of age and older, children 17 years and younger, racial and ethnic minorities and underrepresented groups. The ISP program offers the following services: 


Voucher Program.

Studies that identify a financial need can request funds from the voucher program to help overcome barriers related to transportation, child care, and study advertisement, for example.


Study teams can request consultations on recruitment and retention strategies for special populations, cultural sensitivity, qualitative survey administration and health literacy.

Language Services.

The ISP program expedites requests for document translations with a short turnaround. The program offers on- site and video remote interpretation with certified staff to help studies with non-English speaking participants.

Bilingual Navigation.

A research bilingual navigator aids Spanish speaking participants with the research process providing professional interpreting services, support for recruitment, consenting and follow up navigation.

Be Involved en Español.

The ISP program is working on appropriate health literacy and the translation of Be Involved, the website that provides an opportunity for volunteers to learn more about clinical studies conducted at WFMC.

Research Ambassador Program.

A Program designed to empower study coordinators to serve as ambassadors for the integration of special population research throughout WFBMC. The program provides a venue where ambassadors can build knowledge regarding the barriers faced by underrepresented populations participating in research and the value of asset-based community partnerships.


Dr. Goldie S. Byrd, PhD
Director, Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity 

Kimberly Montez, MD, MPH
Associate Director in Pediatrics 


Mariana Pardy