OSP Educational Resources

The following educational resources are available to the research community:

  1. Huron Research Suites: Self-paced Huron tutorial training videos are available via RedCap. Please complete the Training Acknowledgment section after viewing the videos.
  2. For hands-on training in Huron Research Suites, visit the staging environment
  3. CITI Program:Additional Courses Available for Research Administrators
    • Essentials of Research Administration
      • Elective Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) Modules also available
    • Essentials of Grant Proposal Development
    • Next Steps:
      • Register for a CITI Program account (if you do not have one already)
      • Affiliate yourself with Wake Forest School of Medicine
      • View the listing of courses and make a selection.
      • Once completed CITI Program will provide a certificate
  4. OSP External Training Resources
  5. Explore the #OSPMinute, your resource for Sponsored Programs micro learning
  6. Join Yammer and follow the Research Administration Network
  7. Subscribe to the CTSI Research Rundown
  8. Attend bi-monthly Research Administrators Meetings. To be added to the RA distribution list please email Penny Gatsis, pgatsis@wakehealth.edu.