Shambavi Rao

2020 Medical Student Research Day Winner

Shambavi Rao

Class of 2022 

Overall 1st Place

Postoperative Opioid Reduction Initiative for Gynecologic Surgeries

Our project addressed the current national opioid crisis. We analyzed postoperative opioid prescribing practices for benign and oncologic gynecologic patients here at WFBMC and used this information to implement a restrictive opioid prescribing guideline, the "Opioid Prescription Reductive Initiative" (OPRI).

  • What inspires you to do research?
    I am inspired to do research because I really enjoy designing a study, conducting it, and seeing the outcomes which may have lasting impacts on the scientific community. I enjoy delving deeper and learning about clinical topics I am interested in.
  • Where do you hope to do your residency and why?
    Although I am unsure where I would like to do residency I am looking for a program that is supportive and are like family which has a large case volume and allows me to pursue my clinical and research interests in the field.
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
    I enjoy hiking through North Carolina and discovering new trails.