Lauren Strickland

2020 Medical Student Research Day Winner

Lauren Strickland

Class of 2023 

Overall 2nd Place

A Longitudinal Review of Long-Term Otologic and Audiometric Outcomes of Cleft Palate Patients

My research project was a longitudinal review of cleft palate patients seen in our multidisciplinary clinic, specifically identifying length of treatment with tympanostomy tubes and associated hearing and otologic outcomes.

  • What inspires you to do research?
    The ability to discover new interests and learn about new things is what initially led to my involvement in research! Since getting involved in research, I have been intrigued by the opportunity for one research question to lead to others and create a more broad challenge as well as potential scientific impact.
  • Where do you hope to do your residency and why?
    I am interested in completing residency somewhere in the southeast, and would love to be at a program known for research and mentorship.
  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
    When I am not studying I love cooking and photography! I combined those interests into a platform to share pictures of my culinary creations on Instagram called @foodlaureneats.