MRN Update: Transition from WakeOne to Encompass

Current WakeOne patients now possess an Encompass MRN following their transition from Epic WakeOne to Epic Encompass. Similarly, there are other legacy MRNs and other patient identifiers in Encompass, many of which can be used to find a patient record. Given the multiplicity of MRNs per patient, researchers using MRNs should use a secondary identifier (for example name or date of birth) to verify they have the correct patient’s data while performing research. Here are some of the more common patient identification numbers you may see in extracted Epic data:

  • PAT_ID: Also recognized as "Patient ID," serves as a unique internal EPIC ID for patient identification. This can be linked back to other MRNs and system identifiers, but cannot itself be used to lookup a patient in the Encompass user interface.
  • AH_MRN: The Atrium MRN (also called the “UMPI”) is the Epic Encompass MRN and is the recommended identifier for both Charlotte and Winston markets. It is distinct from a patient's WakeOne profile and isn't applicable for chart reviews in WakeOne; it is exclusive to Encompass.
  • WF_MRN: Known as the WakeOne MRN, this is the MRN within Winston market’s legacy Epic WakeOne system. It is only to be used for data extraction or chart reviews within the now view-only Epic WakeOne system.

Similarly, the encounter-identifying contact serial numbers (CSNs) adhere to system specificity, with AH_CSN from Encompass and WF_CSN from WakeOne.

Moving forward the Office of Informatics will furnish all relevant numbers when providing patient data. If you have any questions we encourage you to attend one of our twice weekly open consultation hours, or email us at