Changes to the Office of Informatics' data extraction services

January 1, 2023

The Office of Informatics is adjusting the data extraction request fee structure. The previous structure included providing approximately two hours of programmer time, subsidized by the CTSI, for each data extraction request. This was designed to enable simple requests to be completed without requiring funding. Moving forward, the CTSI will continue to subsidize data requests that can be completed within one hour each of programmer and data coordinator time, or can be completed by our trained data coordinators in i2b2. Larger or more complex data requests and requests with funding in place already will no longer be eligible for two hours of automatically subsidized programming time.

Along with this change researchers can expect to receive a quote for each request submitted, detailing the work requested and the estimated service hours needed to complete it. Our goal in making these changes is to support research more efficiently and equitably, and to add to transparency within our research community. The Office of Informatics will continue to support research through twice monthly i2b2 trainings, the twice weekly open consultation hours, and through the self-service data extraction tool that is part of i2b2.

Please contact our office directly at with any questions on this new process.