Research External Data Authorization Request Committee (R-EDAR)

August 3, 2022

The transfer of data to and from the Enterprise for research purposes is an important aspect of translational science in an Academic Learning Health System. Research Administration and Information Technology recognized that an additional resource was needed to provide research teams with best practice and cost information early in the study design process to avoid last-minute surprises that could impede research.


R-EDAR was formed to assist investigators when preparing to receive or distribute certain types of data requiring additional protection (e.g., Protected Health Information; International Data; Claims data, etc.). The R-EDAR team will not approve or disapprove the study. Instead, the R-EDAR team will review to verify that appropriate data governance, security and privacy controls are in place. Once that is satisfied, the R-EDAR team will refer the research protocol to the IRB for study review (if required).


R-EDAR hosts open office hours twice monthly on 2nd Thursdays and 4th Wednesdays.

More information on R-EDAR and links to open office hours available by clicking Learn More below:

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