Legacy Atrium procedure Codes, Geocoding, and ACS Data Sets Now Available in the TDW!

June 23, 2022

Starting in March, researchers across the Enterprise gained access to both legacy Atrium and legacy Wake Forest data through a unified Translational Data Warehouse (TDW). 


The TDW, which originally housed only Wake Forest data, now contains several more sets of Atrium data.  In addition to the demographic, diagnosis, location and visit data available earlier this year, researchers now also have access to legacy Atrium procedure codes, geocoding for 5.8 million patients, and American Community Survey values. Legacy Atrium data sets have been updated through May 2022.


i2b2 can be used to obtain feasibility counts and basic demographics on cohorts, or with an active IRB-approved study within eIRB, can pull covered patient data directly from the TDW.  The Office of Informatics hosts twice-monthly i2b2 training sessions and twice-weekly open consultation hours, all virtual. Additionally researchers can request this data via the Data Extraction service request form.


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Questions?  Reach out to Larisa Rodgers at lrodgers@wakehealth.edu.