NC Environmental Data Now Available

New from the Informatics team: Researchers will now have access to North Carolina environmental data!

June 4, 2021


The Informatics team has created dashboards for researchers to explore and utilize air quality and weather data, with more data sets on the way. Information is available from 2016 and is updated monthly. These data sets can be used in conjunction with our existing resources to augment research capabilities.
The North Carolina Air Quality Index (AQI) dashboard is now available as is the environmental weather dashboard is available.

(Note: Institutional credentails required to view Tableau dashboards.)



These environmental data sets can also be explored at, which can be accessed from anywhere within the medctr network and does not require registration. On this site you can use a graphql based web api, or a web based graphiql client that allows for exploration of the api directly from your browser. This sample query is available to get you started.

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