Attention: eIRB Access Update!

Updated protocols for eIRB medical center staff and faculty as well as Reynolda Campus users

August 14, 2020

In order to better accommodate the needs of all Wake Forest researchers, effective June 2, 2012, a separate web address and application will be used for the Reynolda campus IRB. There have been no changes to the Medical Center application.

When logging in to eIRB please choose the appropriate campus from the links below to access/submit your IRB information.

Wake Forest Baptist Health

Wake Forest University – Reynolda Campus


eIRB protocol update example


To avoid the intermediary page in the future, you can go directly to the unique eIRB sites:


Please note:

  • These updates will take effect on the evening of 8/27/2020.
  • Full email will now be required instead of just username.
  • Bookmarks and favorites will still work.
  • Medical center users will choose
    1. which IRB they want to submit to,
    2. which institution they work at, and then
    3. log-in. 
      • (Step #2 is the new addition)


Problems with accessing these sites? Please contact