2020 KL2 Awardees Announced!

Congratulations to each of our three 2020 KL2 Scholars recipients!

August 10, 2020

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute KL2 Mentored Career Development Award provides 2-3 years of support for early-career research faculty from Wake Forest to build clinical and translational research skills and competencies under the guidance of skilled multi-disciplinary mentoring teams, within the context of a learning healthcare system and rapidly evolving academic research environment.

2020 KL2 Scholars

Shivani Ghoshal, MD

Assistant Professor, Neurology

Dr. Shivani Ghoshal is a neuro-intensivist and board-certified neurosonologist. Her research evaluates intradialytic changes in cerebral hemodynamics and their impact on cognitive decline in end-stage renal disease.


Ashish Kumar Khanna, MD, FCCP, FCCM

Ashish Khanna, MD

Associate Professor, Anesthesiology

Dr. Ashish Khanna is an intensivist and anesthesiologist, associate professor and section head for research within the Department of Anesthesia, Section on Critical Care Medicine with a keen interest in perioperative clinical outcomes research both within and outside the critical care environment. His research will examine the need for continuous portable hemodynamic and respiratory monitoring on hospital wards with an emphasis on detection of events, accessing alarm fatigue and decreasing myocardial injury from undetected hypotension.


Jason P. Stopyra, MD, MS

Jason Stopyra, MD, MS

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Jason Stopyra is double board certified Emergency Physician and EMS medical director that found a passion in EMS research. With nearly 20 years of experience treating patients that live in rural areas of North Carolina, the goal of his KL2 research is to improve outcomes for patients with heart attacks living in rural areas that receive their initial care by EMS.


Learn more about the KL2 Program and it's support details, explore the KL2 Career Development page