Learning Topics: Huron Research Suite June Update

June 8, 2020

Huron Open House Spotlight

As a reminder to our research community, we have been offering Open House sessions twice a week since our April 1st go live.

Join us via WebEx Tuesdays, 10-10:30am and Fridays, 1:30-2pm

Planned topics of discussion/training:

  • 6/16/2020 – Creating a Funding Proposal
  • 6/19/2020 – Creating a Budget
  • 6/23/2020 – Subaward Budget Imports
  • 6/26/2020 – Creating an SF424 Formset
  • 7/07/2020 – Creating an Agreement

We will be recording these sessions for future viewing and fully encourage individuals that have questions about the utilization of the software in these key topic areas to join us for these informative and interactive update sessions.

Additionally, we have loaded nearly 800 pending legacy system proposal records into the Huron Research Suite. Those records that were in a pending status can be accessed and utilized in Huron for any future award setups, or resubmission funding proposals that were previously not funded. We attempted to provide necessary department security to all records that were converted, but if you feel you are missing access to records that should have been converted, please contact Ryan Favreau, rfavreau@wakehealth.edu and we will work to get those records visible to you.