2018 MSRD Winners

Celebrating the 2018 Medical Student Research Day Winners!

October 29, 2018

2018 MSRP Awardees

Awardees from left to right: Claudia Loyola Amador, Philip Kayser, Mike Lin, Jennifer Newman and Kathryn Cain (Missing from photo: Adam Jimenez)


Six awards were given for medical students with outstanding research posters.
Click on their poster title to view poster. Additional event photos available here! 


Overall - First Prize: Mike Lin
Mechanical Tissue Resuscitation After Ischemic Injury To Cardiac Tissue 
Mentor: James E. Jordan, PhD; Cardiothoracic Surgery

Overall - Second Prize: Philip Kayser
Biggest Loser? Caloric Restriction and Later Incidence of Frailty 
Mentors: Barbara Nicklas, PhD; Kathryn Callahan, MD; Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine

Overall - Third Prize: Jennifer Newman
Robust Process Improvement for the Voluntary Inpatient Psychiatry Admission Process 
Mentor: Stephen I. Kramer, MD, DLFAPA; Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine

Translational Science - T1: Bench to Bedside: Adam Jimenez
Does MEST-C Score Predict Outcomes in Pediatric HSP Nephritis? 
Mentors: Andrew South, MD, MS; Ashton Chen, DO; Jen-Jar Lin, MD; PhD; Pediatrics

Translational Science - T2: Bedside to Community: Kathryn Cain
Assessing Parents' Communication of Weight and Weight Management From Clinic To Home 
Mentors: Callie Brown, MD, MPH; Gail Cohen, MD, MS; Joseph A. Skelton, MD, MS; Pediatrics

Meredith Award for Outstanding Healthy Equity Research: Claudia Loyola Amador
Prevalence of Hypertension in the Dominican population: US vs. the Dominican Republic 
Mentor: Carlos J. Rodriguez, MD, MPH; Cardiology and Public Health Sciences