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Study Conduct Options

Research Coordination

Study Coordination activities can be completed by VAMC staff or Wake Forest staff.

If a Wake Forest faculty member would like to utilize his/her Wake Forest research staff, then an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) contract is established between Wake Forest and the VAMC. The VAMC reimburses Wake Forest salary plus fringe for coordinator time. (Staff travel costs cannot be reimbursed thru an IPA.)

If work is to be completed by VAMC staff, the money is paid directly by the sponsor to the VAMC. To use VA staff, contact Amy Morris at 704-638-9000 (ext. 14295) or amy.morris3@va.gov

Administrative Services (e.g., Wake Forest’s IRB regulatory submission)

The VAMC has the ability to perform a variety of administrative services for researchers and Wake Forest reimburses VAMC via an IPA. Please contact Amy Morris with questions about services. 

Clinical /Laboratory Services

The VAMC can perform the following services:

  • Laboratory Services
    • Blood collection and centrifuge (packing and shipping are at the responsibility of individual research staff)  
    • Freezer storage (-20°F and -80°F ); Short and long term storage 
    • Dry Ice 
  • Clinical Services 
    • CT Scan 
    • MRI 
    • X-Ray 
    • Ophthalmology Department 
    • Bone scans
    • Ultrasound
    • EKG
    • Stress tests
    • State-of-the-art inpatient unit
    • etc.
  • Investigational Pharmacy with dedicated full-time research pharmacist

For questions regarding utilizing these services, please contact Amy Morris at 704-638-9000 (ext. 14295) or amy.morris3@va.gov.