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WOC Appointments

Without Compensation (WOC) Appointments

A Research Without Compensation (WOC) appointee is an individual who performs research-related duties without any direct monetary compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs. WOC appointments may be made for up to three years.

How do you get a WOC appointment?

There are several forms and electronic training modules that will need to be completed to start this process. You should allow for and expect the process to take approximately 60-90 days. Please contact the VA IRB Coordinator, Nathan Bledsoe,704-638-9000 ext. 4299 or nathan.bledsoe@va.gov, for the most current WOC paperwork and process information.

Remote Access

Remote access cannot be granted until the individual has a VA appointment. Once a VA appointment is confirmed, you can request remote access. Once access is granted, download the appropriate CAG plug-in to your computer browser. Login to the VA Access Gateway for access to the VA Intranet, documents saved on your VA server, and access to the electronic medical record (CPRS). You must log in once every 90 days. Otherwise, remote access will be suspended and you will have to reapply for access.