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Research Study Coordinator Curriculum

The Research Study Coordinator Curriculum is a competency-based orientation program that ensures that all human research study coordinators receive consistent and comprehensive education through online professional development.  It has been designed to support five fundamental areas of clinical research studies:  (1)  Regulatory Compliance; (2) Research Study Management; (3) Research Methods, Techniques, and Procedures; (4) Responsible Conduct of Research; and (5) Interpersonal Communication Skills.  This curriculum is designed for novice human research study coordinators, but can also be used as a review for more experienced research study coordinators and other study staff team members. 

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Specific modules are listed below. Click on each module title for more information and registration information.  


Completion of Wake Forest mandated CITI Training. View more information on how to enroll if you need help. 


Please register for each module using the listed class code in ELM. If you would like to enroll in the ELM for all the modules in the curriculum with one enrollment, use code CTSIHU_SSOProgram_eLearning.  If you only want to take certain courses, enroll for each desired course individually.View more information on how to register. 

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Contact Information 

If you have questions about the Research Study Coordinator Curriculum, please contact Beth  Raines at bdraines@wakehealth.edu.