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Research Administration

All members of the research community, including faculty, research staff, students, adjunct faculty, and visiting researchers, are expected to adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards as they pursue research activities.

The Animal Welfare Program provides oversight and ensures the appropriate care, use, and humane treatment of animals used for research, testing, and teaching and provides guidance in planning and conducting all animal activities with the highest scientific, humane, and ethical principles.

The Human Subjects Protection program ensures that participants are informed of all known risks posed by a research study and that these studies are conducted in accordance with the ethical standards put forward by the Belmont Report.

Other regulatory activities by the Office of Sponsored Programs include oversight of extramurally funded research programs to ensure that sponsored activities are being conducted consistent with all regulations, policies, and laws set forth by sponsors and the institution.


Clinical Trials News - New Master Clinical Trial Agreement in Place

OSP recently completed negotiations with Allergan, Inc. to put a Master Clinical Trial Agreement in place.  This is a five year agreement and its purpose is to facilitate the contracting process related to Wake Forest’s participation in this company’s multi-center clinical trials.  There are several benefits to having these types of agreements in place.  First, it greatly reduces the contract negotiation time between Wake Forest and these companies as the legal/contractual terms of conduct of the study are already agreed upon, leaving basic study specifics to be worked out (i.e. study budget, timelines, etc).  Second, these types of agreements put Wake Forest in an advantageous position with these companies in terms of timing and paperwork – if they can provide us with the information quickly and without using their legal resources to negotiate a new CTA for every potential study, they are more apt to come to Wake Forest initially.  This has a rippling effect on overall timing and ultimately the success of our site in terms of site selection, site initiation, enrollment, revenue and, of course, patient care. 

Additional information on all of the Master CTAs 

If you have questions regarding this agreement, any of the master agreements that you see on the website or have a suggestion for a company that you would like for OSP to work with to get a master agreement in place,  please contact Robyn Gore at 716-2846 or rgore@wakehealth.edu.

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