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Research Academy 2012 Cohort

Martinson Arnan, MD, MPA

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Neurology/Stroke
Research: Patient-specific Barriers to Medication Non-adherence in Stroke Recovery
E-Mail: marnan@wakehealth.edu



Jennifer Check, MD

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Pediatrics - Neonatology
Research: Patterns of Early Childhood Weight Outcomes among Premature Infants with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
E-Mail: jcheck@wakehealth.edu


Rong Chen, PhD

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Physiology & Pharmacology
Research: Dopaminergic and Serotoninergic System in Drug Abuse
E-Mail: rchen@wakehealth.edu



Tracy Criswell, PhD

Title: Instructor
Department: Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Research: Aging and Vascular Effects on Skeletal Muscle Regeneration
E-Mail: tcriswel@wakehealth.edu



Swapan Kumar Das, MSc, PhD

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Internal Medicine – Endocrinology and Metabolism
Research: Genetics of Gene Expression and the Susceptibility to Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes, and Related Conditions
E-Mail: sdas@wakehealth.edu


Allison Gardner, MD

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics
Research: Pediatric Head Trauma Resuscitation in the Emergency Department
E-Mail: agardner@wakehealth.edu



Sabina Gesell, PhD

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: PHS: Social Sciences and Health Policy
Research: Building Social Networks to Achieve Healthy Weight Gain in Pregnancy
E-Mail: sgesell@wakehealth.edu



TanYa Gwathmey-Williams, PhD

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Hypertension and Vascular Research; Ob-Gyn
Research: The Renin-Aldosterone System and Its Role in Health Disparities in Cardiorenal Disease
E-Mail: tgwathme@wakehealth.edu



Matthew Jorgensen, PhD

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Pathology - Comparative Medicine
Research: Infant Temperament, Nutrition, and Health Outcomes in a Vervet Animal Model
E-Mail: mjorgens@wakehealth.edu



Sunghye Kim, MD, MMSc

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Internal Medicine – Hospital Medicine
Research: Myosteatosis as a Predictor of Surgical Outcomes in the Elderly
E-Mail: sunkim@wakehealth.edu



Giuseppe Orlando, MD, PhD

Title: Instructor
Department: Surgery, Transplantation
Research: Organ Bioengineering and Regeneration in Transplant Sciences
E-Mail: gorlando@wakehealth.edu



Aarti Sarwal, MD

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Neurology and Anesthesia, Critical Care Section
Research: Use of Neuromuscular Ultrasound in evaluation of respiratory muscle function and improving extubation outcomes in critically ill patients
E-Mail: asarwal@wakehealth.edu


Thomas Shupe, PhD

Title: Instructor
Department: Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Research: Three-Dimensional Culture of Primary Hepatocytes on Decellularized Liver Matrices
E-Mail: tshupe@wakehealth.edu



Thaddeus Wadas, PhD

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Cancer Biology
Research: Fibroblast Activation Protein Alpha (FAP) as a Biomarker in Malignant Tumors
E-Mail: twadas@wakehealth.edu



Rebecca Erwin Wells, MD, MPH

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Neurology
Research: Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Mind/Body Interventions in Adults with Headaches
E-Mail: rewells@wakehealth.edu



Jie Yu, MD, MSc

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Research: Development of a Molecular Diagnostic Test for Endometriosis
E-Mail: jyu@wakehealth.edu