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REDCap Tip of the Month: Report Folders

Report folders are finally here! Users can now organize their project reports into folders, cleaning up that long list of reports you see on the left navigate pane.

How do I create folders for my reports?

If you have “Add/Edit Reports” privileges, you will see an “Organize” link on the left-hand project menu above the project’s reports list.

Selecting “Organize” will open a pop-up window where you will first create your folders by assigning them names (Step 1 in the screenshot below). Then, you will assign individual reports to each folder (Step 2 in the screenshot below).

After you are finished creating your folders and assigning reports to them, close the pop-up window. Your reports will then be displayed within each folder in the reports list on the left navigation pane. Use the (+) and (-) icons next to the folder names to expand and collapse the folders.

You can also use the “Search” link to search for a report by keyword.