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Participant Recruitment Toolbox

The Participant Recruitment Unit aims to help study teams set and achieve realistic recruitment goals utilizing these resources.

Translational Data Warehouse (i2b2) is a database of patients with records in WakeOne. The database uses study eligibility criteria to identify people that have been treated by the health system. This information could be used for grants, feasibility assessments, IRB-approved PHI recruitment reports, chart reviews, etc. The system can be used remotely by any researcher in the institution that has completed CITI training.

Be Involved is the official WFBH study advertising website where researchers can publish enrolling studies so people in the community can: 1) search for eligible studies, 2) submit information requests, and 3) register to receive new study alerts. Researchers can advertise the study profile to drive users to the site where they can submit information requests. The listed contact will receive the request email that can initiate the screening process.

Advertisement Design and Marketing is a collection of services that increase study awareness. In design, we can provide feedback on ads such as reading level, use of images to reach target audience, IRB guidelines for approval, and Creative Communication guidelines for approval. In marketing, we can send study Be Involved links and flyers for posting to our contacts for the eBulletin, Community Engagement Facebook, and WFBH Social Media outlets. Externally, we can provide a contact list for local advertising mediums.

Recruitment Information requests cover a broad range of recruitment-related information or assistance. Common requests are: 1) requests for CTSI-collected enrollment data being used for reviews, and 2) assistance in posting studies on ResearchMatch which is a national platform that connects researchers with potential participants interested research.

Recruitment Plan Consultation is in-person meeting with the Recruitment coordinator to discuss recruitment needs. These needs include but are not limited to determining: recruitment rates, enrollment feasibility, eligibility requirements, physicians with referring potential, needed inter-departmental services, and advertising materials and methods.

Researchers can request services using the CTSI Service Request Form and download the Toolbox Flyer.

The Participant Recruitment Unit aims to connect study teams to recruitment resources across the Wake Forest Baptist Health system.

Sponsor Resources has the ability to be the most useful in recruitment. Ask your sponsor about additional resources that can be leveraged for research studies such as standardize labels and letters for mailings or funding for staff dedicated to recruitment.

WakeOne Support has the ability to 1) place Best Practice Alert on patient records to notify WakeOne users when a eligible participant visits their location, and 2) send messages to potential participants through their MyWakeHealth accounts. Both requires MRN list.

Maya Angelou Center Integrating Special Populations Program provides the following services for recruiting children, older adults, and non-English speakers: consultations, funding vouchers, language services, and research participant navigation.

CTSI Hub Liaison Team provides access to the Trial Innovation Network Recruitment Innovation Center which can provide services such as cohort assessment, feasibility assessment, community engagement studio, and recruitment planning materials.

CTSI Study Coordinator Pool provides trained staff to assist with study activities including recruitment, screening, and consenting.

Recruitment Best Practices Training can be provided by Nancy Lawlor in CTSI, if staff needs participant recruitment training. 

Creative Communications provides approval to place IRB-approved printed materials across the health system such as elevators, brochure stands, bulletin boards, and poster boards.

Communication, Marketing, and Media allows researchers to host at WFBH-sponsored event booths such as Race for the Cure, El Buen Camino, and the Winston-Salem Open, where study advertising materials can be circulated and discussed with attendants.

For more information, call 336-716-2121 or email BeInvolvedUpdates@wakehealth.edu