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Faculty Research Award Recipients

Below are photos and links to videos of the most recent Faculty Research Award Recipients. (Click on images to open larger versions.)

You can also review a complete list of all previous Faculty Research Award Recipients.



Adam R. Hall, PhD
Early Career Investigator in Basic Sciences                  

Nicole H. Levi-Polyachenko, PhD
Mid-Career Investigator in Basic Sciences                 

Christopher T. Whitlow, MD, PhD, MHA

Mid-Career Investigator in Clinical Sciences

John S. Parks, PhD

Established Investigator in Basic Sciences

Jeff D. Williamson, MD

Established Investigator in Clinical Sciences

Anthony J. Bleyer, MD, MS

Clinical Investigator Award

Mark A. Espeland, PhD

Mentoring Award

Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention
Trial (SPRINT)

Team Science Award

  • Walter Ambrosius, PhD
  • William Applegate, MD
  • Laura Coker, PhD
  • Gregory Evans, MA
  • Capri Foy, PhD
  • Barry Freedman, MD
  • Amret Hawfield, MD
  • Dalane Kitzman, MD
  • Paul Laurienti, MD, PhD
  • Mary Lyles, MD
  • Nicholas Pajewski, PhD
  • Carolyn Pedley, MD


  • Stephen Rapp, PhD
  • David Reboussin, PhD
  • Michael Rocco, MD
  • Carlos Rodriguez, MD
  • Scott Rushing
  • Bonnie Sachs, PhD
  • Kaycee Sink, MD
  • Elsayed Soliman, MD
  • Mara Vitolins, DrPH
  • Lynne Wagenknecht, PhD
  • Jeff Williamson, MD
  • Valerie Wilson, MD
  • Zhu-Ming Zhang, MD


Jamy Ard, MD
Mid-Career Clinical Investigator
Associate Professor, Epidemiology & Prevention
Biography and Video

Floyd (Ski) H. Chilton, III, PhD
Established Basic Sciences Investigator
Professor, Physiology and Pharmacology
Biography and Video

Ralph B. D'Agostino, Jr., PhD, FASA
Established Clinical Investigator
Professor, Biostatistical Sciences
Biography and Video

Jasmin Divers, PhD
Mid-Career Basic Investigator
Tenured Associate Professor, Biostatistical Sciences
Biography and Video

Sabina B. Gesell, PhD
Early Career Clinical Sciences Investigator
Assistant Professor, Social Sciences & Health Policy
Biography and Video

Kylie Kavanagh, VMS, MVS, MPH
Early Career Basic Sciences Investigator
Assistant Professor, Comparative Medicine
Biography and Video

Joseph A. Skelton, MD, MS
Clinician Investigator
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Biography and Video

Elsayed Z. Soliman, MD, MSc, MS
Mentoring Award
Professor, Epidemiology & Prevention
Biography and Video

Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA)
Team Science Award

  • Martinson Arnan, MD
  • Alain G. Bertoni, MD
  • Gregory L. Burke, MD, MS
  • Haiying Chen, PhD
  • Suzanne Craft, PhD
  • Jingzhong Ding, PhD
  • Jasmin Divers, PhD
  • Capri Foy, PhD
  • David Herrington, MD, MHS


  • W. Gregory Hundley, MD, MHS
  • Yongmei Liu, PhD
  • Timothy Hughes, PhD
  • Kathleen M. Hayden, PhD
  • Stephen R. Rapp, PhD
  • Elsayed Z. Soliman, MD, MSc, MS
  • Carlos Jose Rodriguez, MD, MPH, FACC
  • Joseph Yeboah, MD, MS

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