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Primate Signature Program

Founded in 1961, the WF Primate Signature Program has developed and applied nonhuman primate models to study diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes – major health burdens to our nation. It is located on the WF Clarkson Campus, a 200-acre secured facility approximately 10 miles from the WF Medical Center campus. Applying technical expertise in primate biology, housing, pathology, nutrition, experimental surgery, imaging, and genomics, its seminal translational accomplishments include the use of nonhuman primate models to understand dietary and psychosocial contributors to cardiovascular disease, the basis of gender differences in cardiovascular disease, the risk of reproductive tract cancers, and integrating parallel studies in human and nonhuman primates to accelerate discovery through coordinated forward and reverse translation. The Program is a regional and national research and training resource with expertise to apply nonhuman primate models to address problems in human health. A post-DVM research training grant (T32 OD10957, PI: Cline) is now in its 55th consecutive year of funding and there are long-standing residency programs in laboratory animal medicine and veterinary pathology, and a T35-supported summer research program for DVM students (T35 OD010946, PI: Cline). 


Kylie Kavanagh, DVM, MS, MPH, Program Leader

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